A few words
about us...

Who We Are

Chef/Owner Brian Whittington, Lead Butcher Tony Philpot & General Manager Dan Cobert make up the crew of Chop Shop Artisan Butcher.

Chef Brian and Tony have worked together on and off since 2006 in the kitchens of Rhett’s, Zhanra’s, and Coquina Beach Club. After living in Brooklyn for 3 years, Tony moved back to St. Augustine earlier this year to join Strive Restaurant Group in opening Chop Shop.

Brothers Brian & Dan have also worked together during their time at South Beach Grill. Having Dan in a key role for Strive Restaurant Group is really exciting and rewarding for Brian and the rest of the team.

What We Do

While large commercial markets offer pre-packaged meats, we specialize in cuts like crown roast, hanger steak or pork belly that you’d be hard pressed to find in your local grocery store.

We strive for a relaxed setting where butchers can interact with customers and advise them on different cuts, their flavor and texture. Our prices, aim to be “competitive” to those of larger retailers.

We are
A Regionally Sourced,
Locally Owned, Artisan Butcher Shop

What We're
All About

A full-scale butchery where retail consumers could browse display cases or ask for special custom cuts — think of the old-fashioned neighborhood butcher down the street who knows your name and your usual order.
Tony Philpott, who will serve as the Chop Shop’s lead butcher, puts it this way: “Instead of going into a big supermarket, people are starting to want more and more to know where their food is coming from.”

Our Story

St. Augustine's Strive Restaurant Group Chef/Owner Brian Whittington opened Preserved Restaurant in April of 2016, focused on offering French-influenced Southern Cuisine. Set in the famous Jefferson House, one of the oldest in Historic Lincolnville, Preserved Restaurant quickly gained notoriety for it's locally sourced & sustainable menu, attentive service, and it's Old Florida atmosphere.

The initial demand for Charcuterie, Pickles, and Jams along with the growing popularity of the restaurant quickly created a need for more space. At the same time, Smoked. Southern BBQ at the Fountain Of Youth, was added to the Strive Restaurant Group lineup. This Fast-Casual BBQ concept features the same locally sourced meats and produce that are found on Preserved's menu and provides plenty of outdoor dining areas for guests, but limited prep and workspaces.

The basis for a Butcher Shop was formed as a necessity for growth as a restaurant group, the expansion of the Charcuterie Program, and the sheer need for prep space for meat fabrication for both locations. In Addition, a growing number of guests were inquiring about purchasing our house-made Charcuterie items, Pickles, Sauces, Jams, and locally sourced High-Quality Meats & Produce; making the need for a retail space more apparent as well.

Chef Brian was also aware that St. Augustine needed a skilled Butcher. The Oldest City needed a market outside of the large grocery chains without high costs and loss of quality, a place for the community to gain knowledge of sourcing local and to connect directly with farmers, a place for Farmers to sell their products and a place that could help Strive Restaurant Group become more connected to products as they pass from Farm to Market to Table. Thus, Chop Shop Artisan Butcher was born with the goal of providing these High-Quality products at a lower expense to the community. By becoming the hub of meat fabrication to the group's restaurants, these products will be offered at prices at or below those of the major corporate chains. We believe that high-quality ingredients should be available at an affordable price. Chop Shop Artisan Butcher will provide our community with the ingredients, knowledge, and tools needed to prepare delicious meals for their families with the peace of mind knowing how it was grown and raised.